National finals revisited: From Jaguar Jonze to Tanxugueiras [Part 4]

Justas Buivydas:
LUMA – All In (Slovenia)

Even though I loved Slovenia‘s entry “Disco”, I do believe that leaving “LUMA” out of Turin is the biggest crime of Eurovision 2022 season. The fact, that they came to EMA’s final as a newcomers from EMA Freš is beyond me. Their song “All in” is truly a fresh (or freš, if you want) sound to my ears and their performance is very intriguing and captivating.

You could even say that it is a bit creepy with the staring guy following and doing whatever the main singer wants him to do. This song probably would have been one of my favorite Slovene entries, maybe even my number one. And obviously, since “Disco” came last in the semi, “All in” would have performed better. I hope that they will return to EMA in the upcoming years with maybe even a better song and will bring the best Slovenian result in years.

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