New Music Friday – this week with Subwoolfer, Little Big, Ronela Hajati, Stefania and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases from the Eurovision world, and they’re busier than ever as the door on the 2022 season closes. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your weekend playlists!


Firstly on New Music Friday are Russian viral sensations, Little Big. Despite not being able to take ‘Uno‘ to the Eurovision stage in Rotterdam, the satirical band still know how to make a big impression. Recently they revealed the news that they have fled Russia for the USA. As a parting message to their birth country, Little Big released new single, ‘GENERATION CANCELLATION’. Using their music and influence for good, the song is an anti-war statement and relates their anger towards the Russian government for their actions in Ukraine.

Little Big released the anti-war song “GENERATION CANCELLATION” and fled Russia

Subwoolfer – ‘Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)’

After achieving a top 10 finish in Turin, Subwoolfer followed it up with a tribute to the contest in, ‘Space Kelly‘. Now the intergalactic space wolves Keith, Jim and music maestro DJ Astronaut have landed once more with new single, ‘Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)’. Obviously they have studied Earthlings well, to know that in the Summer we do enjoy the bars and beaches. Once more Subwoolfer bring another fun anthem, complete with choreography and a switch in fruits from bananas to peaches.

Francesca Michielin – ‘Bonsoir’

Earlier this year, Italy’s 2016 representative returned to the Sanremo Festival. This time not as a competing artist, but to support her close friend, Emma Marrone. Yet Francesca still reminded us why she is one of Italy’s best young music talents. Today she releases her latest single, ‘Bonsoir’. This new chapter of Francesca shows her ability to experiment with sounds and lyrical style, as she takes us on a journey from Mont Saint Michel to Naples. The song is about being anchored to your roots as a person. Something Francesca knows well as she celebrates 10-years since her X Factor debut to stardom. Those that liked ‘Vulcano’ will be fans of this too.


Ronela Hajati – ‘Caramel’

Since taking to the Turin stage for Albania, Ronela Hajati has almost become an Italian resident. During this extended holiday, Ronela has promoted her music through tours and Pride events. Last month she performed ‘Caramel’ exclusively for Rome Pride. It is no sekret that Ronela loves Italy so much, that this single is her first release in the Italian language. Of course the song lives up to the name, however this caramel has a spicy kick with layers of Balkan beats.

I have always felt the need to sing in Italian, a language I have known since I was a child, I have loved Italian TV since the early years of my life.

Ronela Hajati
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