XTRA Jury: Eurovision 2004

Will Ukraine retain their win?

Welcome to the first edition of our new series: XTRA Jury! This jury is made up with members of the ESCXTRA team and each member votes for their favourite ten songs in Eurovision style (1-8,10,12).

Jury Members

Our jury consists of ten amazing members. They are:
Costa, Dan, Dominik, Lisa, Sean, Simon, Tom, Vincent, Wiv and me!

Countries that received 0 points

A country receiving 0 points has occurred many times in the contest and unfortunately, it has happened in this jury. The countries that didn’t receive any points are:

CountryPlace that it finished in the contest
🇦🇹 Austria21st
🇮🇪 Ireland22nd
🇮🇱 Israel25th (NQ)
🇩🇰 Denmark27th (NQ)
🇱🇹 Lithuania30th (NQ)
🇦🇩 Andorra32nd (NQ)
🇲🇨 Monaco33rd (NQ)
🇸🇮 Slovenia35th (NQ)
🇨🇭 Switzerland36th (NQ)

Countries that received points (27th-11th)

PlaceCountryTotal pointsHighest number of points
received (from who)
11🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina2210 (Dominik)
12🇩🇪 Germany1910 (Micheál)
13🇮🇸 Iceland176 (Wiv)
14🇸🇪 Sweden168 (Dominik)
15🇳🇴 Norway106 (Dominik)
16🇬🇧 United Kingdom97 (Wiv)
17🇪🇪 Estonia88 (Lisa)
18🇵🇹 Portugal73 (Costa)
19🇧🇾 Belarus64 (Sean)
20🇷🇺 Russia55 (Sean)
21🇭🇷 Croatia53 (Sean)
22🇷🇴 Romania43 (Lisa)
23🇱🇻 Latvia33 (Simon)
24/25🇳🇱 Netherlands22 (Sean)
24/25🇵🇱 Poland22 (Dan)
26/27🇫🇮 Finland11 (Lisa)
26/27🇲🇹 Malta11 (Tom)

10. Sakis Rouvas – Shake It (🇬🇷 Greece)

Points: 28
Highest number of points received: 7 (Dominik, Tom)
Dominik: 2004 was the year many of us had our “Greek-Awakening”. Sakis brought everything people wanted from Greece, catchy tunes, energetic dancing, vocals and just the perfect package. He started the Top 10 streak that would last almost a decade for Greece and brought his stardome to many other countries outside of Greece. It was always meant to have him on the biggest stage of the world and thank god this happened more than once.

9. Jonatan Cerrada – À Chaque Pas (🇫🇷 France)

Points: 29
Highest number of points received: 12 (Dominik)
Wiv: His voice is so good, and I love me a nice male French ballad

8. Ramón – Para Llenarme de Ti (🇪🇸 Spain)

Points: 38
Highest number of points received: 10 (Tom)
Micheál: Ramón gave us “booty hypnotic” before it was a thing, he is a trend setter and I am grateful for his service.

7. Toše Proeski – Life (🇲🇰 North Macedonia)

Points: 39
Highest number of points received: 12 (Wiv)
Wiv: Possibly the best voice ever to grace the Eurovision stage. I love just about everything he’s ever done.

6. Lisa Andreas – Stronger Every Minute (🇨🇾 Cyprus)

Points: 41
Highest number of points received: 12 (Sean)
Simon: A slow tempo and an open arrangement make for a vocal challenge – nailed it.

5. Xandee – 1 Life (🇧🇪 Belgium)

Points: 42
Highest number of points received: 10 (Lisa)
Lisa: So underrated! Far and away Belgium’s best Eurovision entry and I will die on that hill and rave to this in the afterlife. Songs that could be World Cup anthems and give me Safri Duo vibes will always bait me. The combination of the drums and Eurodance beats blend seamlessly. I love how the drummer thought the best way to blend in was to wear an AC Milan shirt. After that the budget must have run out to afford tape for the dancer who seems to have rogue body parts throughout the performance!

4. Anjeza Shahini – The Image of You (🇦🇱 Albania)

Points: 43
Highest number of points received: 10 (Sean)
Simon: One of the stand-outs in a fine decade for debuts.

3. Athena – For Real (🇹🇷 Türkiye)

Points: 47
Highest number of points received: 12 (Simon)
Wiv: Better than their winner, which is also great.

2. Željko Joksimović – Lane Moje (Serbia and Montenegro)

Points: 65
Highest number of points received: 12 (Costa, Dan, Micheál, Vincent)
Costa: I consider “Lane moje” as the gold standard for balladry at Eurovision, and hasn’t lost any of its impact or magic since the year it competed. It has the rare power to viscerally transport me to the nation it is representing, which is the essence of what any entry like this should achieve.

1. Ruslana – Wild Dances (🇺🇦 Ukraine)

Points: 71
Highest number of points received: 12 (Lisa, Tom)
Lisa: Everybody knows this is my favourite Eurovision entry of all time. This set the benchmark for Ukraine to be a powerhouse and one my favourite nations in the contest. Nothing else in the contest compares to ‘Wild Dances’. It is the perfect song. From the tribal call to arms, the relentless energy of the rock-folk percussion, only matched by Ruslana’s equally intense performance level, as she channels the spirit of Xena: Warrior Princess. Throughout the whole performance, Ruslana is smiling and that has an effect on people. The whole package delivers on the three C’s – costumes, choreography and composition. All of that is why this entry is timeless and is recognised in the ‘Love, Love, Peace, Peace’ interval.

Congratulations to Ukraine for winning both Eurovision 2004 and our XTRA Jury! However, the question remains if they can win our XTRA VOTE Rewind for Eurovision 2004! You can vote for your top 10 here.

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