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XTRA Jury: Eurovision 2017

Will Salvador retain his crown?

Welcome to the third edition of XTRA Jury! After voting for our favourite songs from Eurovision 2010 (which you can view here), we flew all the way from Oslo to Kyiv to rank the songs in Eurovision 2017! This jury is made up with members of the ESCXTRA team and each member votes for their favourite ten songs in Eurovision style (1-8,10,12).

Jury Members

Our jury consists of ten amazing members. They are:
Bente, Costa, Kyliann, Lisa, Nathan, Nick, Tom, Vincent, Wiv and me!

Countries that received 0 points

There were a total of 42 countries participating in Eurovision 2017. Unfortunately, 7 countries received no points from our jury. They are:

CountryPlace that it finished in the contest
🇭🇷 Croatia13th
🇵🇱 Poland22nd
🇺🇦 Ukraine24th
🇪🇸 Spain26th
🇮🇪 Ireland31th (NQ)
🇲🇪 Montenegro37th (NQ)
🇲🇹 Malta38th (NQ)

Countries That Received Points (35th-11th)

PlaceCountryTotal pointsHighest number of points
received (from who)
11🇲🇰 North Macedonia197 (Lisa, Nathan)
12🇦🇲 Armenia178 (Costa)
13🇨🇾 Cyprus138 (Nick)
14🇧🇾 Belarus135 (Micheál, Vincent)
15🇷🇴 Romania1212 (Kyliann)
16🇷🇸 Serbia125 (Lisa, Nathan)
17/18🇨🇿 Czechia1010 (Wiv)
17/18🇫🇮 Finland1010 (Vincent)
19🇩🇰 Denmark98 (Micheál)
20🇬🇧 United Kingdom95 (Tom)
21🇱🇻 Latvia88 (Lisa)
22🇮🇸 Iceland85 (Nick)
23🇨🇭 Switzerland74 (Vincent)
24-26🇬🇪 Georgia66 (Tom)
24-26🇬🇷 Greece66 (Lisa)
24-26🇱🇹 Lithuania66 (Wiv)
27🇦🇱 Albania63 (Micheál, Tom)
28🇦🇺 Australia44 (Nathan)
29🇪🇪 Estonia44 (Lisa)
30🇩🇪 Germany44 (Kyliann)
31🇸🇪 Sweden33 (Nathan)
32🇮🇱 Israel32 (Bente)
33🇸🇲 San Marino22 (Tom)
34🇳🇴 Norway21 (Bente, Nathan)
35🇸🇮 Slovenia11 (Wiv)

10. Nathan Trent – Running On Air (🇦🇹 Austria)

Points: 28
Highest number of points received: 12 (Bente)
Tom: “Running on Air” has always been a feel-good favourite. Without fail, this entry will always cheer me up – absolutely love it. To add to that, it was performed really well with some nice staging too.

9. OG3NE – Lights and Shadows (🇳🇱 Netherlands)

Points: 30
Highest number of points received: 12 (Tom)
Tom: A beautifully performed entry from the Netherlands easily takes my top spot for the 2017 contest. Not only do O’G3NE display wonderful harmonies, but the song itself is fantastic too – this was criminally underrated on the night!

8. Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess (🇧🇬 Bulgaria)

Points: 34
Highest number of points received: 12 (Nathan)
Nathan: For me, this is without a doubt one of the slickest Eurovision entries. From the production of the track, to the staging of the entry, every part of Beautiful Mess captures your attention for the full three minutes. Kristian himself has the best vocal a teenager will ever produce at the Eurovision Song Contest and fully sold his song and the story it was telling. There’s no doubt that for me, this is the best entry in 2017.

7. Blanche – City Lights (🇧🇪 Belgium)

Points: 36
Highest number of points received: 12 (Costa)
Costa: This song remains a peerlessly modern, bold and unique pop entry in the Eurovision canon. Even though the stage performance, in my opinion, fell well below the promise shown in the music video and studio recording, it’s still a top-tier Eurovision entry of all time. Even in the five cohorts since, I struggle to pick out more than, say, 5 entries on this level.

6. Sunstroke Project – Hey Mamma (🇲🇩 Moldova)

Points: 37
Highest number of points received: 10 (Lisa)
Lisa: Unless they send a ballad, you will almost always find Moldova high in my ranking. They understand the Eurovision assignment and deliver a memorable performance. Every smaller nation should take heart from what Moldova achieves with so little. SunStroke Project know how to party and what Eurovision is about. Nobody will forget the wedding outfits, foot-stomping choreography and Epic Sax Guy reliving his glory days. This was the song of the 2017 Summer.

5. Dihaj – Skeletons (🇦🇿 Azerbaijan)

Points: 37
Highest number of points received: 12 (Wiv)
Kyliann: The song and the performance were very mysterious! That’s what I loved, a shift that Dihaj brought to HER stage.

4. Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois (🇵🇹 Portugal)

Points: 37
Highest number of points received: 12 (Micheál)
Micheál: This is one of the most beautiful ballads that has ever graced the Eurovision stage. I, upon initially listening to this anthem, didn’t understand its beauty but over time, Amar Pelos Dois has grown to be one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever. Portugal’s first and only win was a long time coming but very much deserved in my eyes.

3. Joci Pápai – Origo (🇭🇺 Hungary)

Points: 38
Highest number of points received: 12 (Vincent)
Vincent: My winner for 2017. It’s an ethnic song done right, with a well-positioned rap part that feels well-positioned and works well. And of course, that violin melody is enrapturing. Finally, the live performances were full of passion, with a particular emphasis on the conclusion of the rapping.

2. Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma (🇮🇹 Italy)

Points: 41
Highest number of points received: 10 (Bente, Micheál)
Micheál: I still listen to this song a lot when studying, cooking or cleaning. It’s such a feel-good song! The “NAMASTÉ ALÉ” will forever be such a memorable Eurovision moment. I have been in love with this song for 5 years and I don’t see that stopping any time soon!

1. Alma – Requiem (🇫🇷 France)

Points: 68
Highest number of points received: 12 (Lisa, Nick)
Lisa: I know we all joke about how overtly French the broadcaster makes their entries, but it works. That is why Eurovision is what it is, countries showcasing their music scene and culture through a three minute performance. Alma did that in spades! Between the orchestral strings and a Tango beat layered with modern production, was a song typical of French radio at the time. French is such a melodic language that it almost becomes an instrument too. So for me everything worked, although I accept it needed a bit more in the staging. However it’s worth noting that Alma was the next highest placing solo female behind Blanche in a year of many.

Congratulations to France for winning our XTRA Jury for Eurovision 2017! You can now see the results of our XTRA VOTE Rewind for Eurovision 2017 here! Our next XTRA VOTE Rewind will be for all the entries in Eurovision 2012, you can have your say by voting for your favourite ten entries here!

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