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Czech Republic opts for televised national final

First televised show since 2007 for the Czechs

For the first time in ages, Czech Republic are hosting a televised national final for Eurovision. Their entrant for Liverpool will be selected during a live show. It will take place on 30th January.

More than 170 songs submitted

The Czech delegation are logically very happy with the growth of the Eurovision brand in their country. For a while, they’ve been trying to build the Eurovision reputation in Prague. Step by step, they’re going in the right direction.

For this year’s televised national final, the Czech broadcaster received over 170 submissions. Most of these came from local composers, with all songs being sung by a Czech singer. Kryštof Šámal, the Head of Delegation for the Czech Republic at Eurovision, has commented on the recent success:

I am proud of how the brand has grown at least in the Czech music scene, the platform is
becoming extremely interesting and attractive. I am pleased to announce that we have
received an overwhelming response from the Czech music industry. Picking just
a handful of songs is getting more and more difficult and we hope to finalize the names of
the finalists in the coming days. More details about the show will be revealed in the
coming weeks.

Kryštof Šámal

Czech Republic and their successful Eurovision return

Czech Republic first debuted at Eurovision in 2007. Back then, they hosted a televised national final. Rockers Kabát won the show and took “Malá Dama” to Helsinki. Sadly, they finished last in the semifinal. Their 2008 and 2009 entries both ended without any success, causing the Czechs to withdraw.

They surprisingly returned in 2015 and recorded their first final qualification a year later. Their best result came in 2018, when Mikolas Josef finished in sixth place. Since their return, the Czechs have qualified for the final more times than they failed to do so. We Are Domi also qualified for the final last year with their “Lights Off”.

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