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Gustaph wins Eurosong and will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2023

We have our third entry for Liverpool!

Ahead of Belgium’s national final on January 14 (Saturday), the prospective Belgian representatives have been selecting their songs all this week. The lineup was completed just last night, when Gustaph and The Starlings selected their entries.

The live final took place in Palais 12 in Brussels. Belgium’s first publicly-selected entry since 2016 was determined by a combination of an expert jury and public voting.

A total of 1,560 points were available – 780 points from the public and 780 points from the expert jury. The jury was formed of fifteen members award 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4 points each. The jury included the following familiar faces:

  • Alexander Rybak – Winner of Eurovision 2009
  • Jérémie Makiese – Eurovision 2022 finalist
  • Laura Tesoro – Eurovision 2016 finalist
  • Nikkie de Jager – Co-host of Eurovision 2021

The running order for tonight was as follows:

  1. Hunter Falls – Ooh La La
  2. Chérine – Ça m’ennuie pas
  3. The Starlings – Rollercoaster
  4. Ameerah – THE CARNIVAL
  5. Gustaph – Because of You
  6. Gala Dragot – T’inquiète
  7. Loredana – You Lift Me Up

Two became one

In the days leading up to Eurosong, the participants have been performing their two songs for their fellow participants, who then gave them advice on which song they should choose. The final choice was still up to the participant themselves, though.

The schedule for the selection shows was as follows:

  • January 9: Loredana
  • January 10: Chérine and Hunter Falls
  • January 11: Hunter Falls and Ameerah
  • January 12: gala dragot and Gustaph
  • January 13: Gustaph and The Starlings

Full results

1GustaphBecause of You121157278
2The StarlingsRollercoaster94183277
3Gala DragotT’inquiète146125271
4ChérineCa m’ennuie pas145123268
5AmeerahThe Carnival10764171
6LoredanaYou Lift Me Up8384167
7Hunter Falls Ooh La La8444128

You can watch Gustaph’s winning performance below:

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