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Sanremo 2023 stage design revealed

In just two weeks, the 73th edition of the prestigious Festival di Sanremo will take place in the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo, Italy. With rehearsals well underway, the RAI decided it was time to share the stage design on Twitter this Tuesday. None other than famous Italian presenter and host of the show Amadeus is seen showing the viewers where the magic will happen soon. Just like previous years, the stage is designed by Maria Chiara and Gaetano Castelli.

What stands out in the video, is the back of the big stage. A huge dome, illuminated with what seem to be thousands of lights. A long, curled stairway takes you to the dome, and halfway through the stairway seems to be the main stage. Next to the stairway is some space reserved for the live band.

Sanremo 2023

Sanremo 2023 will take place from the 7th to the 11th of February. 28 artists will be performing their songs, but so far only the song titles have been released. The songs itself will be made public on the evening they are performed. As always, the winner of Sanremo will be offered the opportunity to represent Italy in Eurovision.

The following artists are Sanremo’s hopefuls this edition:

  1. Giorgia – “Parole dette male” (Bad words)
  2. Articolo 31  – “Un bel viaggio” (A nice trip)
  3. Elodie – “Due” (Two)
  4. Colapesce DiMartino – “Splash”
  5. Ariete – “Mare di guai” (Sea of trouble)
  6. Modà – “Lasciami” (Leave me)
  7. Mara Sattei – “Duemilaminuti” (Twothousandminutes)
  8. Leo Gassman – “Terzo cuore” (Third heart)
  9. I Cugini di Campgna – “Lettera 22″ (Letter 22)
  10. Mr. Rain – “Supereroi” (Superheroes)
  11. Marco Mengoni – “Due vite” (Two lives)
  12. Anna Oxa  – “Sali (Canto dell’anima)” Go out (Song of the soul)
  13. Lazza – “Cenere” (Ash)
  14. Tananai – “Tango”
  15. Paola e Chiara – “Furore” (Fury)
  16. LDA – “Se poi domani” (If then tomorrow)
  17. Madame – “Il bene nel male” (The good in the bad)
  18. Gianluca Grignani – “Quando ti manca il fiato” (When you’re out of breath)
  19. Rosa Chemical – “Made in Italy”
  20. Come_Cose – “L’addio” (The goodbye)
  21. Levante – “Vivo” (I live)
  22. Ultimo – “Alba” (Dawn)
  23. OLLY – “Polvere” (Dust)
  24. Sethu – “Cause perse” (Lost causes)
  25. Shari – “Egoista” (Selfish)
  26. Will – “Stupido” (Stupid)
  27. Colla Zio – “Non mi va” (I do not feel like)
  28. gIANMARIA – “Mostro” (Monster)

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