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Supernova finalists chosen in Latvia

Supernova in Latvia has slimmed their competition down by four artists. The semifinal saw fourteen acts compete to go to Liverpool. Only ten of them qualified, with fans being left surprised with some of the choices…

Justs and Inspo fail to qualify

Latvia decided to host a semifinal where ten out of fourteen acts made it through to next week’s Grand Final of Supernova. 2016 Eurovision entrant Justs was among the participants, but failed to qualify. The same went for fan favourite Inspo and the song “Sway”. Also ranking well in polls before the show were Adriana Miglāne and Katrine Miller, but they completed the field of non-qualifiers.

You can see the results below:

  • Artūrs Hatti – “Love Vibes” – Qualified
  • Alise Haijima – “Tricky” – Qualified
  • Inspo – “Sway”
  • Toms Kalderauskis – “When It All Falls” – Qualified
  • Katrine Miller – “Beaten Down”
  • Justs – “Stranger”
  • Adriana Miglāne – “Like I Wanna”
  • 24. Avēnija – “You Said” – Qualified
  • Markus Riva – “Forever” – Qualified
  • Avéi – “Let Me Go” – Qualified
  • Patrisha – “Hush” – Qualified
  • Raum – “Fake Love” – Qualified
  • Luīze – “You To Hold Me” – Qualified
  • Sudden Lights – “Aijā” – Qualified

There is still a possibility that LTV choose a wildcard to join next week’s Grand Final. They will choose their act for Liverpool next week, on Saturday 11th February. Take a look at one of the qualifiers, Sudden Lights, below.

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