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Lord Of The Lost wins Unser Lied für Liverpool and will represent Germany

After a Friday night’s worth of fierce competition among eight songs, Germany has chosen and Lord Of The Lost will fly the schwarz, rot and gold all the way to Liverpool with the song Blood and Glitter. Lord of the Lost will join La Zarra of France, Marco Mengoni of Italy, Blanca Paloma of Spain and TVORCHI of Ukraine as automatic qualifiers for the Grand Final in Liverpool. Only the United Kingdom are left to reveal their automatic finalist.

Field of eight for Unser Lied für Liverpool

Nine acts originally qualified for Unser Lied für Liverpool. This included the eight previously announced candidates, plus Ikke Hüftgold who won the TikTok wildcard. Unfortunately the band Frida Gold had to withdraw early on Friday due to the lead singer Alina Süggler being taken ill. Frida Gold were due to perform 8th. The one act due to perform after them, Lord Of The Lost, will keep their running order number of 9th, despite in actuality, now performing 8th.

Barbara Schöneberger once again hosted the competition. Taking place in the panel of non-voting guests to comment on the songs were singer and TV host Florian Silbereisen, Eurovision 2014 runner-up Ilse DeLange and influencer Riccardo Simonetti.

Here were the eight acts that competed in the live final.

Since only 8 of the planned 9 acts competed , the scoring for the show has to be changed. The 8 juries still awarded points in the 12-1 Eurovision system, but did not award a 7 point score, in addition to the 5 point score that was already dropped. As such, points were awarded as follows: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 – so in total the juries awarded 368 points to the acts tonight. 

Below, you can see the full results of the German show. Will Church became the convincing winner of the jury vote with 90 points, ahead of Anica Russo on 57. However, the televoters decided to put the entire jury top four as their bottom four, shaking things up enormously. The two major televote favourites were Ikke Hüftgold (27.4% of the vote) and Lord of the Lost (39.7% of the vote). With the televote points being percentage based, they also ended up being the top two of the night.

1. Lord of the Lost – Blood & Glitter43146189
2. Ikke Hüftgold – Lied mit gutem Text10101111
3. Will Church – Hold On9021111
4. Trong – Dare To Be Different521971
5. Lonely Spring – Misfit403070
6. Anica Russo – Once Upon A Dream57865
7. René Miller – Concrete Heart54862
8. Patty Gurdy – Melodies of Hope223456

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