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Remaining six acts qualify for the final of Festival da Canção 2023

The second semi-final of Festival da Canção 2023 took place tonight. Ten acts competed for six places at the Grand Final. A professional jury and the Portuguese public decided the first five finalists based on a 50/50 system with an additional finalist being selected via public vote.

Tonight’s show was took place in RTP Studios in Lisbon and was hosted by Sónia Araújo and Jorge Gabriel, with Inês Lopes Gonçalves hosting the green room. The night saw RTP continue to showcase Portuguese talent alongside charismatic presenters and guests, excellent visuals and efficient sequencing of the artists.

The results

Unlike last week’s semi-final, the intended number of qualifiers were selected tonight (six). For the first five qualifiers, the power was equally divided between the expert jury and the public at home. Once these were selected, the voting reopened to determine the sixth qualifier.

Here was tonight’s running order, with the seven qualifiers in BOLD:

  1. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa” (Qualified direct)
  2. The Happy Mess – “O Impossível”
  3. Teresinha Landeiro – “Enquanto é tempo”
  4. Bandua – “Bandeiras”
  5. Bárbara Tinoco – “Goodnight” (Qualified direct)
  6. Inês Apenas – “Fim do Mundo” (Qualified direct)
  7. Ivandro – “Povo” (Qualified direct)
  8. Dapunksportif – “World Needs Therapy” (Televote wildcard)
  9. Lara Li – “Funâmbula”
  10. Voodoo Marmalade – “Tormento” (Qualified direct)

Grand Final

The Grand Final of Festival da Canção 2023 will take place on Saturday 11 March. The show will be hosted by Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim, with Inês Lopes Gonçalves hosting the green room once again.

Portugal’s entry for Liverpool will be determined based on the 50/50 combination of votes from seven regional juries and a public televote.

The line-up is as follows (not the running order)

  1. Bárbara Tinoco – “Goodnight”
  2. Churky – “Encruzilhada”
  3. Cláudia Pascoal – “Nasci Maria”
  4. Dapunksportif – “World Needs Therapy”
  5. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa”
  6. Esse Povo – “Sapatos de Cimento”
  7. Inês Apenas – “Fim do Mundo”
  8. Ivandro – “Povo”
  9. Mimicat – “Ai Coração”
  10. NEON SOHO – “Endless World”
  11. SAL – “Viver”
  12. Voodoo Marmalade – “Tormento”
  13. You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – “Contraste Mudo”

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