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RTCG is broadcasting Eurovision 2023 in Montenegro

Hope is not lost for a Montenegrin return!

Back in October 2022, RTCG announced that it would not be competing in Eurovision 2023. They cited financial constraints and an inability to generate interest from sponsors for this. However, earlier this month, the broadcaster confirmed that it would still be broadcasting the contest.

Montenegro’s broadcaster, Radio i Televizija Crna Gora, released a statement in October confirming that they would not be among the delegations traveling to Liverpool for Eurovision 2023.

In addition to the significant costs of the registration fee, as well as the cost of staying in Great Britain – we also faced a lack of interest from sponsors, so we decided to direct existing resources to the financing of current and planned national projects, and organisational and program reforms, which entail significant investment projects in equipment and premises

Thankfully, RTCG is broadcasting all three live shows of this year’s contest on RTCG 2. As with North Macedonia, could this potentially suggest a return for 2024, joining Luxembourg? We will know either way later this year.

Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest

Montenegro’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has not always been the most successful. While Montenegrin artists took part in Eurovision underneath the names of Yugoslavia in 1983 and 1984, and in 2005 under Serbia and Montenegro, their first participation in 2007 as an independent country saw Stefan Faddy failing to qualify from 2007’s semi-final.

From there, Montenegro entered on-and-off, sending some of Eurovision’s more weird and wonderful entries such as “Euro Neuro” or “Igranka”, but did not qualify until 2014, where Sergej Ćetković’s “Moj Svijet” became the first Montenegrin entry to make it through a semi-final and feature in the Grand Final as an independent country. This was followed by the beautiful “Adio” by Knez in 2015, which achieved Montenegro’s best position to date of 13th.

However, since 2015, Montenegro has failed to advance from the semi-finals with any entries, making them, of all the countries that participated in 2022, the country with the longest current ‘dry streak’ of not being present in a final, though they were not present for the 2021 contest in the interim. Side note: this unenviable ‘record’ will now be jointly held by Georgia and Latvia, each were last in the final in 2016 and have confirmed for 2023.

In 2022, Montenegro selected Vladana to represent them with the song “Breathe”. She attempted to represent Montenegro in 2005 and 2006, when the country was still part of Serbia and Montenegro. She finished 17th place in semi-final two, second from last, with 33 points.

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