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Liverpool received £55m boost from Eurovision 2023

Research conducted by Liverpool City Council reveals economic and social impacts of hosting Eurovision

Through research conducted by the Liverpool City Council, it has been revealed that the city of Liverpool generated an economic profit of £55m in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 boosts local economy

Today, in news announced by Liverpool City Council and local Mayor, Steve Rotheram, it has been revealed through research, the positive financial and social benefits to the city through its hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on behalf of Ukraine. Once the EBU finally confirmed Liverpool as the 2023 host city, the region embraced the contest and turned the former European Capital of Culture into a vibrant hub of music, entertainment and culture, celebrating the best of the North West, as well as its close connections to Ukraine and ensuring the process was as near as possible to a joint hosting as it could be given the inability of Ukraine to host the contest after Kalush Orchestra’s victory in Turin.

The results of this are evident within the evaluation report of Liverpool’s hosting. Over 473,000 in total, attended Eurovision events across the city. Which generated 306,000 additional visitors. Far above the expected 100,000 visitors. To put this into context, a British Grand Prix weekend usually attracts 480,000 spectators. As well as this, they spent a total of £54.8m on food, drink, hotels and tourism, etc. Again, this more than double the expected £25m profit the council originally predicted when planning its financial reports for the bidding process.

Originally the council set an initial budget of £2m for Eurovision-related costs with another £2m coming from the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

“This research demonstrates the positive impact of hosting major events and I hope that we can continue to build on this success.”

Stuart Andrew, (Culture Minister)

“There was never a doubt in my mind as to whether our region was up to the challenge of hosting a global spectacle like Eurovision on behalf of our friends in Ukraine – because nowhere does culture bigger or better than the Liverpool City Region. From the hundreds of thousands of visitors who flocked to our region for a fortnight of fun and frivolity, to the tens of millions around the world who tuned in, we gave millions of people a Eurovision they will never forget.”

Steve Rotherham, (Mayor)

“The whirlwind that was Eurovision, gave this city an unparalleled stage where it could showcase not just its organisational prowess, but also its heart and soul. From the outset, we put plans in place to evaluate everything we programmed in order to have a thorough understanding of the impact of major events.

“The visitor and economic figures speak for themselves – jobs were created, local businesses were on the receiving end of a much-needed boost and hundreds of thousands of people came to the city, had a great time and are more than likely to return again.”

Liam Robinson, (Liverpool City Council Leader)

Highlights of the report

  • 473,000 attendees in total across all events – some attending multiple events.
  • 306,000 unique individual attendees across all events.
  • 326,000 visitors to the two-week cultural events.
  • 250,000 visitors to the Eurovision Village over the 10-day period.
  • 10% of visitors were from overseas.
  • 49 different nationalities were represented in live show attendance figures.
  • 100,000 visitors were UK residents from outside the Liverpool City Region.
  • 175,000 hotel rooms sold.
  • 89% of people surveyed said Liverpool produced a safe Eurovision experience.
  • 88% said Liverpool produced an inclusive experience.
  • 96% recommended Liverpool as a place to visit.
  • 99% of OGAE members felt welcomed.
  • 91% satisfaction rating for the Eurovillage.
  • 87% satisfaction rating for Euroclub.
  • Costs for fans (accommodation, tickets, food, etc) estimated at £1,699 per person.
  • 50,000 tonnes of waste collected – of which, 80% was recycled.

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