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Eurovision 2024: “United by Music” has been selected as permanent slogan for all future contests

Inspired by the hosting collaboration between Ukraine and the United Kingdom last year, has announced that 2023 slogan “United by Music” will become the permanent slogan for all future Eurovision events, including the 2024 contest in Malmö, Sweden.

Core values

According to, the slogan perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Eurovision Song Contest: uniting people through the universal language of music. It shows that regardless of language, nationality, or background, everyone is welcome and treated equally at Eurovision. In a statement to, Executive Producer of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest Ebba Adielsson said that:

After Loreen’s win in Liverpool last spring, the whole machinery for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 kicked into action and pretty soon the discussion about the slogan arose. We quickly realized that the great slogan chosen by the BBC says exactly what this competition is about, uniting in music, and we saw no reason to change something that sums up the foundation of the entire event so well.

“It’s great that the EBU has also decided that this is the slogan that will be used by all host broadcasters from now on. Right now, we are in the middle of the process of producing the artwork to match the slogan, which will be revealed soon.”

Ebba Adielsson to

Stronger brand identity

Using the same slogan again is also a method by the EBU to create a stronger brand identity connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Rather than having a changing slogan each year, one slogan will allow a stronger connection between the people and Eurovision, as it is more memorable than a different slogan each year. In the same article, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Martin Österdahl says that:

“The Eurovision Song Contest is more than just a song competition; it’s a celebration of the power of music to bring people together. After over 20 years of using different slogans, and as we approach our 70th anniversary, we feel we have found one that truly encapsulates our brand.

“By establishing a permanent slogan, we will have consistency in our message that music unites us all. It’s the perfect slogan to underline our values of inclusivity, equality, universality and celebrating diversity through music.

“As the popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest continues to grow around the world, we believe using the same slogan annually will help our brand become even stronger. ”

Martin Österdahl to

Slogans throughout the years

The history of the Eurovision slogan goes back to 2002 when Estonia chose “A Modern Fairytale” as the first ever Eurovision slogan. Since then, every contest – except 2009 – has had a slogan, including “Confluence of Sound”, “All Aboard” and “Open Up”. In Turin, the slogan was “The Sound of Beauty”, which will now go down in history as the last slogan to be selected before the permanent slogan was in place.

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