Hera Björk to bolster Icelandic vocals in Vienna

A fan favourite from 2010, Hera Björk, will return to the Eurovision stage in 2015 as part of the backing vocal team supporting María Ólafs.
It has been confirmed that four vocalists will support María; those are Hera Björk, Friðrik Dór (runner-up at Söngvakeppnin), Alma Rut, and Iris Hólm.
With five vocalists on stage, it will not be possible for the two dancers that took to the Söngvakeppnin stage to participate at Eurovision. An emphasis is clearly being placed on providing sturdy vocal backing to the young María; thus the reappearance of Hera. At Söngvakeppnin there were three backing vocalists, one of whom was Pálmi  Ragnar Ásgeirsson, one third of the song’s production team. He’s stepped aside for runner-up Frikki Dór, and explained the thinking behind assembling a heavy-weight support team for María.  “It’s really hard to make singing sound good on live TV – it does not matter whether it’s the Super Bowl or the Eurovision Song Contest – and we want to do everything to strengthen the song”, he declared to RÚV.
Hera recently returned to Reykjavík after two years in Chile having forged a successful career in the afterglow of victory at the 2013 Viña del Mar festival. 2015 will be the fourth year that Hera has been to Eurovision. Before reaching the 2010 final with ‘Je ne sais quoi’, she had provided backing vocals to Euroband in 2008 and Yohanna in 2009.
Another announcement from Iceland today was the presentation of the official video for ‘Unbroken’ on RÚV and made available here.

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