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As it happened: The Super Saturday action around Europe!

It’s a big night tonight as three countries select their songs for Eurovision, and we have national selection action in no less than TEN countries! It’s certainly going to be a busy one, and a lot of devoted Eurovision fans are going to have to make some tough choices, but don’t worry, we’ll be covering all of the action right here.
First of all, we have devoted live blogs for the finals in Denmark, Switzerland and the Sanremo final in Italy, as well as the second heat of Melodifestivalen in Sweden (these links will go live just before the shows begin). However if you’re looking for your Euro action elsewhere this evening (namely the heats in Ukraine, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Iceland or Finland), then here is where you want to be.
Our live bloggers will be covering these events in the blog below, so if you’re struggling to keep up with all the action, you can find it all in the one handy place. Just so you’re thoroughly prepared for everything that’s going on, here is a rundown of tonight’s shows:

Ukraine (semi-final 2)

It’s the second semifinal in Ukraine tonight. Last week we saw Jamala landslide the televote and qualify through to the final with The Hardness and Brunettes Shoot Blondes. Another three songs will qualify tonight from the nine we will see. The running order for tonight’s show is as follows:

  1. Arkadiy Voytyuk: “Vse v topi”
  2. Alloise: “Crown”
  3. Japanda: “Anime”
  4. NuAngels: “Higher”
  5. Pur:Pur: “We Do Change”
  6. Peaks of Kings: “Last Hope”
  7. Viktoria Petryk: “Overload”
  8. Pringles: “Easy to Love”
  9. SunSay: “Love Manifest”

The show begins at 18:00 CET and can be viewed on the NTU website.

Hungary (semi-final 1)

A Dal 2016 continues tonight with its first semi-final  Nine songs that qualified from the previous three heats will be performed, of which four will progress to the final: three from the first round (jury and public voting) and one from the second round (public voting). Here are the songs of the first semi-final, in alphabetical order:

  • Benji – Kötéltánc
  • B The First – You Told Me You Loved Me
  • Gergő Oláh – Győz a jó
  • Kállay Saunders Band – Who We Are
  • Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi – Hold On To
  • Mushu – Uncle Tom
  • Petruska – Trouble in My Mind
  • Reni Tolvai – Fire
  • Szilvia Agárdi – It Is Love

The show begins at 19:40 CET and can be viewed on MediaKlikk’s stream of Duna TV.

Finland (semi-final 2)

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (let’s just go with UMK) continues tonight with its second semi-final. Six songs will be performed, of which three will progress to the final. Here’s the running order:

  1. Attention 2 – Ready For The Show
  2. Cristal Snow – Love Is Blind
  3. Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom – Good Enough
  4. Rafaela Truda – Rise Up
  5. Ylona – Blazing Fire
  6. Mikael Saari – On It Goes

The show begins at 20:00 CET and can be viewed on YLE’s website. If you want to familiarise yourself with the competing songs beforehand, we have reviewed all of them and given our predictions here.

Lithuania (show 6)

Lithuania’s mammoth selection process Eurovizija 2016 continues tonight, and will do for quite some time as it has been extended right up until the weekend before submission deadline, with the final taking place on Saturday 12 March. Tonight, the singers with songs category will be whittled down further by televoting, a Lithuanian jury and international jurors, and the two big favourites Donny and Ruta will be performing their songs. Here are the songs competing in tonight’s show:

  1. Valdas Lacko – Stay tonight
  2. Catrinah – Be free
  3. Ištvan Kvik & Ellada – Please don’t cry
  4. Donny Montell – I’ve been waiting for this night
  5. Eglė Jakštytė – Let me show you
  6. Erica Jennings – Leading me home
  7. Petunija – Tomorrow
  8. Rūta Ščiogolevaitė – United

Tune in via the live webcast at 20:00 CET.

Estonia (semi-final 1)

Tonight, Estonia kicks off their national selection for Eurovision 2016. Ten acts will compete in the first semi-final of Eesti Laul, and five of them will qualify for the big final on 5th of March. The qualifiers will be determined by the combination of jury votes and televoting. Here’s the running order:

  1. The Jingles – Love A Little Bit
  2. Würffel – I’m Facing North
  3. Mick Pedaja – Seis
  4. Indrek Ventmann – Hispaania tüdruk
  5. Cartoon feat. Kristel Aaslaid – Immortality
  6. Kéa – Lonely Boy
  7. Kati Laev & Noorkuu – Kaugel sinust
  8. Zebra Island – How Many Times
  9. Laura – Supersonic
  10. Windy Beach – Salty Wounds

The show begins at 20:35 CET and can be viewed on ERR’s official website. Preview tonight’s songs and see what our editors think right here.

Iceland (semi-final 2)

Three songs qualified to the final last week, three more will qualify tonight. So we’ll see six in next week’s final. Or seven – they always reserve the right to put a wildcard through, and usually do. The six contenders in tonight’s semifinal are:

  1. Þórdís Birna Borgarsdóttir and Guðmundur Snorri Sigurðarson – Spring yfir heiminn
  2. Erna Mist and Magnús Thorlacius – Ólötuð orð
  3. Helgi Valur Ásgeirsson – Óvær
  4. Elísabet Ormslev – Á ný
  5. Pálmí Gunnarsson – Ég leiði þig heim
  6. Alda Dís Arnardóttir – Augnablik

The show is the last one to begin tonight (although thanks to the small matter of Sanremo, not nearly the last one to finish) with a starting time of 21:00 CET. You can watch the action live via RÚV’s website here and if you want to preview the songs, here are our reviews.

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