Getting operatic on the dance floor! Dance remix of La Forza out now

Sure seems like there is a Eurovision party happening in every corner of the world right now, so just in time for the party season to really hit it off, Elina has released a new dance dance revolution version of La Forza.

Elina knows what’s up. Many are currently dreaming about getting down in the Euroclub, but La Forza isn’t exactly a party starter. Unless you are a local fabric wholesaler that is. “You can dance to ANYTHING” they say, well, no. Have you tried twerking to an operatic crescendo? Not happening, clearly something had to be done and this is where Otto Karl Vendt rushed in to help.

The brand new version keeps the operatic feel of the original, while adding as much bass as humanly possible to make sure even the most operafobic out there would have a reason to jump up and down. And I’ve now used the word “opera” way too many times so I will stop.

Any changes in the odds?

We got camels, chickens and witnessed an equinox, but Elina has still managed to cling on to second place in the odds after her landslide victory in Eesti Laul.

We will find out soon enough whether the audience will respond well to her powerhouse vocals or just be pissed off about all the broken bits of glass they have to pick up after her performance. Either way, we hope she doesn’t get lost in Verona or anywhere else and makes it on stage in time for the final in just a little over a month from now. May the force be with her!

You know how this works. Tell us what you think of the remix. Is it enough to make you like the song? Or are you huffing and puffing out of sheer anger for what they did to your favourite melody? 

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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