An Xtra Happy Birthday; April 15th

Yesterday on 14th of April two young Eurovision singers had a birthday. Today there as twice as many, that is four Eurovision artist that have a birthday. Two birthday ladies and two birthday boys. Luca Babarossa, Anastasia Vinnikova, Alla Pugacheva and Sepp Krassnitzer were born on this day.

Sepp Krassitzer (Robinson), 71

Austria selected the duo Waterloo & Robinson to go Eurovision in 1976 on their behalf. Therefore they performed the song “My Little World”, but that was the first time Austria sang in English at Eurovision. The song got 80 points, that is 5th place out of 18 acts.

Alla Pugacheva, 69

Russia selected Alla in 1997 to be their representative at Eurovision. That is why she came to the stage and performed the song “Primadonna” in Dublin. There the song got 33 points, thus ended in 15th place out of 25 countries.

Luca Babarossa,  57

In 1988 Italy chose the famous singer Luca be their singer at Eurovision. Therefore he performed the song “Ti scrivo” in Dubin. He finished in 12th place out of 21 entries.

Anastasia Vinnikova, 27

Belarus selected the Anastasiya to go to Dusseldorf, Germany. Where she got to perform the patriotic song “I Love Belarus”. Sadly for her, most people didn’t seem to share the same love for Belarus, that is the song did not qualify for the final.

We all here at escXtra would like to send the wonderful birthday greetings!

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