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DoReDos speak to ESCXTRA: “The show that we’re going to do in Lisbon, it has never been done on the Eurovision stage before” (interview)

One of the many acts to perform last weekend at the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam were DoReDos, who were kind enough to grant us a few lucky minutes with them. 

DoReDos have been hard at work this promotional season and that did not stop in Amsterdam, where they shared their plans for the semi-final performance in Lisbon and how the preparations were going along, remaining as charming and full of energy as always.

Promising a different show

Whether you liked the game of sliding mirrors they played in the national final or not, it’s time to kiss those goodbye, as DoReDos promise a totally different show full of surprises and even more energy.

The show that we’re going to do in Lisbon, it has never been done on the Eurovision stage before.

Obviously they couldn’t resist mentioning the “dream team” behind their entry. Preparations are underway in Greece, where the same team that worked with Sergey Lazarev, Dmitry Koldun, Ani Lorak and Elena Paparizou are now busy making sure DoReDos look and sound their best in Lisbon.

Lucky number 7?

Moldova are of course performing seventh in the second semi-final, so we also tried to find out whether DoReDos were pleased with their placement or not:

Yes, it’s a very good sign because for us, number seven is a very lucky number.

So no complaints there, hopefully the number stays lucky all the way and brings them a qualification and a good position in the final.

This is a competition after all

While many Eurovision artists prefer to stay in the dark when it comes to their competitors, DoReDos confirmed that they have been paying attention and consider Israel, Czech Republic, Australia and Austria the toughest competition to beat, while also noting:

It’s a very good year. A lot of good songs and hits.

The truth has been spoken! We wish them the best of luck in Lisbon. You can check out the interview for yourself down below:

And for a quick reminder, here is DoReDos’ energetic Eurovision in Concert performance.

Are you excited to see the stage show Moldova have come up with? Where is “My Lucky Day” in your rankings? Has the dream team delivered another unforgettable package?

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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