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Vanja Radovanović speaks to ESCXTRA: “When we went to Montevizija, we only had 15 days to create the whole song” (Interview)

Last weekend brought together a whopping 32 artists for the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam. One of those hard working songbirds was Vanja Radovanović, who we managed to grab for a quick interview. 

Vanja is making fans of Balkan ballads VERY happy this year with his impressive vocal talents. He took time away from showing them off on stage and instead used his voice to play a game of true or false with us and answer some questions in the process.

True or false?

There’s nothing better than a quick game to lighten the mood and calm the nerves. We presented Vanja with some Eurovision related statements and all he had to do was tell us if they were true or false. Here is how that went:

  1. I know all my fans in person – TRUE
  2. During Montevizija, Inje was an unfinished song – TRUE
  3. Knez and Sergej Ćetković are my favourite Montenegrin Eurovision entrants – TRUE
  4. Montenegro can only qualify to the final of Eurovision if they send a ballad in Monenegrin – FALSE

Vanja was quick to answer all of them with as much confidence as possible, but we weren’t going to let him go that easily and asked him to elaborate on a few of these answers.

More time to work on the revamp

Of course we all know by now that Inje went through a magical revamp. But what exactly was the reason behind that? Vanja explained:

When we went to Montevizija, we only had 15 days to create the whole song. Just a demo with a piano.

That worked for Montevizija, but everyone knew changes had to be made if the song won and so once there was more time, we got the full version we know and love now.

Chances of qualifying

Ballads seem to be the way to go for Montenegro, as those have guaranteed a qualification for them each time. However, Vanja isn’t concerning himself too much with all of that. He’s a musician first and foremost, focusing his energy on doing his best on stage:

Of course I would like to go to the final, but it’s not a hundred-meter race. It’s just musical taste. That’s it.

Wise words there. We wish Vanja Radovanović the best of luck in Lisbon. You can check out the interview for yourself down below:

And for a quick reminder, here is Vanja’s emotional Eurovision in Concert performance.

Are you excited to see Vanja Radovanović perform in Lisbon? Where is “Inje” in your rankings? Are you loving the revamped version as much as us? 

Let us know in the comments below and on social media @ESCXTRA!

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