Lisbon 2018

Netta performs at Israel’s 70th Independence Day Ceremony

Before Netta will perform her Eurovision entry “Toy” at the semi-final next week in Lisbon, she was part of the celebrations in Israel regarding Israels 70th independent day. She performed a set at the Mount Herzl.

Happy Birthday Israel

While celebrating 70 years of Israel being independent, Netta performed at the big ceremony in her home country. She had the chance to perform a new song to the audience and not her Eurovision entry “Toy”. Netta was quite happy about this, because in this way she had the chance to perform a totally new song to the audience so it was a new side she could show.
Netta will represent Israel in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and will perform at the first semi-final on May 8th, 2018. Check ESCXTRA tomorrow for the coverage of her second rehearsal in Lisbon.
Watch her performance at the independent ceremony below:

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