An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 8th

Yesterday on 7th of May, an Eurovision artist from Israel had a birthday. However, today there are four artist that celebrate their birthday. Two of them which have won Eurovision! Gabriel Broggini, Paul Harrington, Ivan Mikulić and Marie Myrian were born on this day.

Marie Myrian,  61

France selected Marie to be there representative in 1977. Therefore she went on stage in in London, UK. Her song is called “Loiseau et I’enfant” and got 136 points, which gave her the victory! That makes her one of the two Eurovision winners of the day.

Paul Harrington, 58

Ireland picked the entry “Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids” in 1994. Paul along with Charile McGettigan performed it at the contest in Dublin. This entry was really popular and got 226 points, way ahead of other entries. And therefore this became Irish third victory in a row! In addition this was the first voting session at Eurovision that used satellite image for the voting instead of using phone.

 Ivan Mikulić, 50

Crotatia selected the Ivan from Bosnia &Herzegovina to be their performer at Eurovision. Therefore he went to Riga, Latvia and sang “You Are The Only One”. Croatia made it to the final, where it got 50 points and thus it placed 12th.

Gabriel Broggini, 36

Switzerland selected the group Sinplus in 2012 for Eurovision. That band  had the brothers Gabriel and Ivan in it. That is why they sang “Unbreakable” live on stage in Baku at first semi-final. They almost made it to the final, that is placed 11th.

We all here escXtra would like to wish them a wonderful happy birthday.

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