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Daily Press Poll 2018: The press PREDICTS the ten SEMI-FINAL 2 qualifiers

We’re on day twelve of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and tonight is the second big night! After this afternoon’s semi-final 2 family show, we’ve conducted today’s Daily Press Poll. This time, we’ve asked the press to predict their ten semi-final 2 qualifiers… scroll down for the results!

How it works

Following this afternoon’s family show, we asked 35 members of the press to select their ten qualifiers. We’ve added them up to give us an overall total out of 35 which you can see below.

Daily Press Poll 2018: Day 12 results

The full results of today’s Daily Press Poll are as follows, the number indicating how many of the 35 press members predicted that country to qualify. We asked 35 press members, so all 35 predicted Sweden to qualify. 33 out of 35 predicted Denmark and Moldova to qualify and so on.

Stay tuned!

Tomorrow, the first dress rehearsal and the jury rehearsal of the grand final will take place. Stay tuned to for day 13 of the Daily Press Poll where we’ll put all of the 26 grand finalists against each other for the first time!

Previous Daily Press Poll results

What do you think of today’s results? Let us know in the comments below!

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