An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 21st!

Yesteday on 20th of May several Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today however there are two Eurovison birthday boys. One performed at Eurovision in 2004 and the other in 2018. Max Mutzke and Ari Ólafsson were born on this day.

Max Mutzke, 37

Germany selected Maximilian better know as Max, through national selection, to be their entry for Eurovision in Istanbul. That is why he performed the song “Can’t Wait Until Tonight” on the stage. The song was quite popular, that is it got 98 points at the final. Therefore finished in 8th place out of 24 acts in the grand final.

Ari Ólafsson, 20

Iceland selected then 19 year old singer Ari to go on their behalf at Eurovision in 2018. He sang “Our Choice” in the first semi final. Unfortunately for him the song did not advance to the final. The auther of the song Þórunn, was also on the stage with him to the left. She also wrote Iceland’s entry in 2011, “Coming Home“.

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