Ilse Delange: new album in August, Ziggo Dome in 2019

Ilse DeLange (of The Common Linnets at Eurovision 2014) has a big year ahead with new music, TV appearances and a performance at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of her debut solo album ‘World of Hurt’ in 1998.
Ilse has announced her new album will be released 31st August 2018 – her first solo release in five years. The first single from the album ‘OK’ was released in March 2018. She will follow with a club tour visiting venues in The Netherlands and Germany. The big news is on 2nd February 2019 she will perform at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome for the first time in her career. This will be her first large-scale live show since performing at the GelreDome in 2012. Tickets are on sale Friday 25th May.

“You Are the Reason” with Calum Scott

Ilse Delange recently joined Calum Scott (Britain’s Got Talent 2015) for a duet on a new version of his song “You Are the Reason”. Leona Lewis had previously sung with Callum on the song’s first ‘duet version’ release in 2017.

‘Nashville’ returns 7th June

In scenes that have already been filmed, Ilse will making appearances on the final season of hit US TV show ‘Nashville’ on CMT. She plays the character ‘Ilse de Witt’, a coach on a fictional talent show, mirroring her real life experience as a coach on The Voice Of Holland.

Ilse DeLange with The Common Linnets at Eurovision

In 2014, The Common Linnets represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 2014 with the song ‘Calm After The Storm’. The new group featuring Ilse Delange and Waylon would go on to achieve 2nd place in the contest. Waylon soon after left the group to focus on his own solo career, but returned to Eurovision in 2018 with his song “Outlaw In ‘Em”.

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