An Xtra Happy Birthday; June 5th!

Yesterday on 4th of May, three Eurovision artist had a birthday. Today however there two Eurovision singers that celebrate their birthday. Both of them are really successful in the music industry. One sang in 1978 and the in 1993Colm Wilkinson and Enrico Rufferi were born on this day.

Colm C. T. Wilkinson, 74

Ireland selected Colm in 1978 to be there reprecentative at the Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore he performed the upbeat song “Born to Sing” in Paris. His song got 85 points at the contest, that is it ended in 5th place.

Enrico Rufferi, 61

Rufferi won Sanmero two time. First in 1987 with the song “Si può dare di più” along with Gianni Morandi and Umberto Tozzi. He also won in 1993 with the song “Mistero” as a solo singer. That gave him the chance to be Italies reprecentative at Eurovision Song Contest. Although Enrico picked another song, that is “Sole d’Europa”. Which he performed in Milstreet, Ireland. The song  got 34 points, therefore finished in 12th place out of 25 acts.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish these two Eurovision on gentlemen a great happy birthday!

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