Arnar wants us to DANCE! (like no one’s watching)

Happy summer song alert!

If you’re looking for a happy, fun summer bop; look no further! 2017 Söngvakeppnin finalist Arnar Jónsson just released his new song “Dance Like No One’s Watching”, and we are all joining in! 

A 60s brass bop!

Fun summer songs are always a good thing. However, with the weather Iceland has experienced this “summer” (only four days without rain since the beginning of May!), it’s really needed! So when we heard Arnar Jónsson was releasing a new, happy summer song, we really got our hopes up. And we had every reason to! This is a 60s influenced bop with lovely brass elements and great vocals!
Arnar is getting great help from his wife Hofi Samuels and Söngvakeppnin partner Rakel Pálsdóttir on backing vocals here, and their voices really complement each other.

Arnar Jónsson in Söngvakeppnin 2017

Arnar and Rakel made it to the final of Söngvakeppnin 2017 with their song “Til mín/Again“, but there they, like everybody else, had to admit defeat; Svala and her “Paper” was too strong. The video for their entry is well worth another watch! Also; watch our interview with Arnar and Rakel from last year, and hear them sing “Get It On” for us!
We will very happily join Arnar in dancing like no one’s watching, as long as no one turns it into a raindance! There’s been more than enough of the wet stuff for a while, thank you very much! Let’s make it a sundance! 

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