New summery single from Ana Guerra and Juan Magán

Is summery even a real word? I don’t really know. What I DO know is that Ana Guerra had treated all of us who still have “Lo Malo” hopelessly stuck in our heads with a new single. This time she teams up with Juan Magán to get us all dancing to “Ni La Hora” which translates to “Not Even The Time” and talks about leaving behind a bad relationship.

It’s a proven fact* that Tuesday is the least interesting day of the week, but that is NOT the case today as we bring your attention to the aforementioned track released just a few days ago. As you no doubt already noticed, there is another name attached to the single: Juan Magán. The Spanish record producer and DJ has worked with numerous famous artists and has now brought his signature Electro Latino sound to this project. This isn’t his first time working with someone from the world of Eurovision either, as just a few weeks ago we got to hear his collaboration with the 2010 Eurovision winner Lena.

The song also has a snazzy music video featuring plenty of sensual dance moves, a playful pillow fight and the proper way to recycle bottles. It’s only been out for a few days, but the video already has more than 3 million views and looks to become a real viral hit so join the rest and help bring that number up even higher by checking it out for yourself down below:

And if that doesn’t do it for you, just click this link to see all the other ways you can hear and download the track.

*Not actually a real fact.

Hold the train…WHO?

Well, Ana Guerra came into the spotlight last year by participating in Spain’s reality TV show competition called Operación Triunfo, which also doubled as their Eurovision selection process. A separate event was held for all 5 finalists a week before the show’s actual final to select the Eurovision participant and Ana got to perform two songs, one as a solo artist and another part of a duet. If all of that sounds confusing to you, then welcome to the club. Her solo entry “El remedio” unfortunately was not picked to go to Eurovision, but managed to at least find moderate success after the contest.

But as previously mentioned, that wasn’t all. She was also part of the show’s hottest pairing. No, I’m not talking about Alfred and Amaia, I mean the OTHER duet partners: Ana and Aitana. Their energetic dance track finished 3rd on the night of the voting, but took off like a rocket afterwards. The revamped version released later topped the charts, got over 50 million views on YouTube, received a double platinum certification and became an earworm that simply REFUSED.TO.LEAVE.OUR.HEADS! As long as you are not afraid of that happening to you too, check the music video out down below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you:

What do you think of the track? Is it as big of an earworm as Lo Malo and El remedio were? Are you hoping to see Ana Guerra represent Spain in the future? Are there too many questions at the end of these?

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  1. I\’ve been her fan since the very beginning and can\’t be more proud of her and this song. It\’s addictive, I\’ve been listening and dancing to it non-stop since it came out!
    Congratulations Ana!

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