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“I am not responsible for what other people do” – Sieneke releases statement on drug lab scandal

Police are still investigating Sieneke's relatives...

Sieneke, the representative of the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, has had a very difficult few weeks. While touring the Netherlands, it was revealed that the police are investigating an alleged drug lab, and several of Sieneke’s family may be involved. Now, she has released a statement on the scandal on Twitter.

The crime at hand

4 weeks ago, the police discovered a drug lab at a truck company in Nijmegen after a fire broke out inside the building. Inside, police found a laboratory with chemicals used to make ecstasy and MDMA.
Sieneke’s brother, uncle and grandfather are all suspected of involvement in the drug lab. This isn’t the first time that her relatives have been in trouble with the police – her grandfather was once jailed for murder and her father started a fight in a bar in 2013 during Sieneke’s bachelorette party.

Sieneke’s reaction

The news has been covered extensively by Dutch media over the last month, with Sieneke’s manager revealing that she is “shocked” by the news.
As the story isn’t showing any signs of quieting down any time soon, she has released a statement on Twitter:

For our followers who don’t speak Dutch, the statement translates as follows:

Dear all,
Normally I wouldn’t even respond to this. But, because I have always been open and honest, this is my brief reaction to everything that has happened in the last week.
It has been an eventful week for me, my family and friends. As long as the investigation is ongoing, a lot of uncertainty remains, and it isn’t possible to give a full response.
Well, I’ve had a really difficult experience for this last week. I’ve been dragged into things that I have nothing to do with. I am not responsible for what other people do. I am also a proud mother of two beautiful children. So I hope that everything calms down again.
With a lot of positive energy, I’ll be recording my new single this week. I’m going to have a good time.
I’d like to end this message with a thank you message to my fans. The many positive messages I have received have been a great support.
Love Sieneke

Leaving the past behind

Despite all that is going on in Sieneke’s life at the moment, she is still touring the Netherlands and giving fantastic performances around the country. Four months ago, she released her single, Denk je altijd nog aan haar, and her work continues as she records another new single this week.
Here she is last week performing her Eurovision entry, Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie), in Nijmegen. No, not at the truck company where the drug lab was found!

What are your thoughts on Sieneke’s statement? Should Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) have done better in Oslo? Would you like to see her back at Eurovision soon?
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