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Alcazar release book and prepare for farewell tour

As ESCXTRA reported in February, Swedish group Alcazar decided to split after 20 years together. The pop-disco trio are going out with a bang, as they’ve just released a book ahead of their farewell tour later this year.

Alcazar: Carpe disco

On August 9th, their book was released. In the biography, aptly named Alcazar: Carpe disco, the readers get to look behind the glitter and glamour that helped shape one of the biggest Swedish pop groups. Formed by Andreas Lundstedt (who represented Switzerland in Eurovision 2006), Tess Merkel, and Annika Kjærgaard (mostly known by her moniker Annikafiore), Alcazar didn’t become a household name until they entered Melodifestivalen 2003. By then, famous dansband singer Magnus Carlsson had joined them.

The current, and what will be the last, line-up of Alcazar, consists of Andreas, Tess, and Lina Hedlund. Lina joined them in 2007, after a two year hiatus during which Magnus and Annika decided to leave the group. Throughout their career, they’ve participated in Melodifestivalen five times, but they never won the right to represent Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year, Alcazar had their eyes set on Melodifestivalen 2018, but ultimately they were not included in line-up. Only a few months later, they announced that they had decided to split up. Whether the failed return to Sweden’s national selection for Eurovision acted as a catalyst remains unknown. However, in the book, original member Tess Merkel reveals that she was the first to vocalize her desire to call it quits – a decision that neither Andreas nor Lina were happy about initially.

In addition, the book also touches on subjects such as Andreas and Magnus’ relationship, a rift between Lina and Tess, as well as Andreas’ public battle with HIV.


When Alcazar took the stage at EuroPride Stockholm at the start of August, they had a special treat for their fans. Former members Annika and Magnus joined them on stage for a once in a lifetime reunion!

Furthermore, they performed the official EuroPride single “In the name of love”, written by Eurovision winners Linnea and Joy Deb.

20 years of disco – Mission completed

Those who want a chance to see Alcazar live one last time are in luck. Their farewell tour will commence on October 5th in Halmstad. For about a month and a half, they will perform in cities throughout Sweden. After that, they’ll have shorter residencies in Gothenburg and Stockholm respectively. Their final show will be on New Years Eve.

What’s your favorite Alcazar song? Are you planning on reading Alcazar: Carpe disco? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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