WATCH: SuRie releases video for “Taking It Over”

Over three months after the song was released, SuRie has finally released the video for her latest single, “Taking It Over”. The dark sounds of “Taking It Over” are mirrored in the video with a quirky music video, starring SuRie and dancer Sasha Woodward. 

Choreographed to perfection

The video, which sees SuRie and accompanying dancer Sasha Woodward dressed in black and dancing around a bench in an empty room, enhances the song’s message and brings a different light to the indie-pop style song.

The style of the video also conveys some messages in the lyrics of the song, such as the interaction between SuRie and Sasha, which links in with the line “So now we’re gonna swap seats” and “Are you coming with me or not?”, both talking about two people.

From a choreography point of view, for the majority of the video SuRie and Sasha mirror each other’s actions. The choreography and video overall is very well polished, compared to other videos for follow up singles from Eurovision artists, like the video for Electro Velvet’s follow-up single, “Take Me Home”, which features pictures and clips from their time at Eurovision in Vienna.

The video for “Taking It Over” is choreographed by Dane Bates, who has also choreographed many shows including two recent cruise ships shows “Murder on the Dance Floor” and “Innuendo”, which debuted in Norway, as well as choreographing pantomimes and the European tour of “Musical Madness”. He also was the choreographer for Jack Higgins’ semi-final performance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2016. 

It’s received positive reception on social media

The video has also attracted positive reception from fans, on YouTube and Twitter.

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