New song by Demy (Greece 2017)

Demy, the Greek singer, who finished 19th in Eurovision in 2017 is now back with a new song, named “Too Late”. She also finished third overall in the New Wave contest and won the 8th September show (also named “Day of the Premieres”). 

Written by Kontopoulos and Ballard 

The song, the uptempo summer pop anthem, is written by two Eurovision veterans, Dimitris Kontopoulos (Belarus 2007, Ukraine 2008, Greece 2009, 2017, Russia 2014, 2016 and Azerbaijan 2013, 2018) and John Ballard (Azerbaijan 2013, Russia 2014, 2016, Greece 2017, Moldova 2018). The former was also one of the jury members of the contest, alongside Philipp Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak. Listen to the song here: 

Studio version of the song

Great result in New Wave 

Demy also did very well in the contest, finishing 3rd overall and getting maximum scores in the 8th September show. With the exposure she got, it could possibly mean another shot at Eurovision, as “Too Late” has been publicly released after 1 September and is just around 3 minutes long. Mind that, Greek broadcaster ERT still hasn’t confirmed participation in 2019 and hasn’t publicised any details on their selection yet. Whether Demy is one of the potential candidates for a comeback in Eurovision, remains to be seen. Her live performance of “Too Late” on “New Wave” can be seen here

What do you think of Demy’s new song? Do you prefer it to “This Is Love”? Do you think she has a shot at good result in Eurovision with “Too Late”? Comment below or follow us on social media on @ESCXTRA. 

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