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🇫🇷 “Bim Bam toi” music video becomes the most watched Junior Eurovision video on YouTube

33 million views!

After becoming a huge viral hit on TikTok, Carla’s “Bim Bam toi” has now become the most watched Junior Eurovision related video on YouTube. It has passed Roksana Węgiel’s video for her winning entry “Anyone I Want To Be”.

33 million views

The music video for “Bim Bam toi” has now massive 33 million views. Roksana is not far behind, with 33,7 million views. Roksana’s music video is still the most watched video on the official Junior Eurovision channel, as Carla’s music video has been uploaded on her own channel.

Carla’s “Bim Bam toi” went viral on the social media app TikTok short after she took part in Junior Eurovision in November last year. TikTok user Juju Fitcats started the trend and the videos kept on coming. On YouTube, the most watched “Bim Bam toi” compilation has almost 2 million views.

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