Eurovision 2020🇳🇱 Netherlands

🇳🇱 Eurovision 2020 stage to feature semi-transparent LED screen

We first saw the Eurovision 2020 stage some time ago but now we have more features added to the design. Organisers have revealed a large semi-transparent LED screen will feature in the stage design of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The screen will be 22 metres wide and 5 metres high, providing a background for the second B stage.

The screen better connects the main stage with the B stage and provides extra creative options for the artists. By being semi-transparent, the audience in the arena will still see what happens on stage when the screen is used. When the screen is not used it can raised to be complety out of sight.

Similar attempt in Kyiv

Ukraine’s 2017 contest in Kyiv was planned to feature a similar design feature but was dropped due to the cost. The stage would of featured an impressive projection circling the stage.

What do you think of this new stage feature? Will you be seeing this in person at Ahoy Arena? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA

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