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🇫🇷 France rename Eurovision entry to “Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)”; new version coming soon?

Earlier this week, the Heads of Delegations meeting took place in Rotterdam ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. During the meeting, delegations hand in the final versions of their songs, confirm their artist and song details and hand in staging plans. Following a change on, it has been confirmed that France’s song title has been changed to “Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)”.

From “The Best In Me” to “Mon Alliée”

Tom Leeb’s Eurovision entry was originally presented as “The Best In Me” with lyrics largely in English. Therefore, the change in the title suggests that it is likely a new version of the song is on the horizon, perhaps with more French lyrics to warrant the new French title of the song “Mon Alliée” which translates directly as “My Ally”.

The new title was found in the original lyrics

On the official page for the song, the lyrics are “yet to be confirmed”. However, the new title did already appear in the lyrics of the original version of the song in the “middle 8” segment prior to the final chorus. Therefore, it is possible that the title is purely a cosmetic change with no change in the song expected. Nevertheless, it would be expected that a song title in French would result in a song that is mostly in the French-language, something that is not the case with the original version.

Could a revamp be released via the official compilation CD?

With the video of “The Best In Me” on the official Eurovision YouTube channel described as the “official music video”, it suggests that this will be the preview video that the French delegation has settled on. Nevertheless, sometimes songs do get “revamped” only for the official CD album release, due on April 17.

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