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šŸ‡µšŸ‡¹ Elisa will not be internally selected by RTP for 2021

She joins The Mamas and Uku Suviste in not returning

Last night, Elisa confirmed to ESCPORTUGAL that she would not be returning to compete in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Elisa was set to take part in the 2020 contest, with her song “Medo de sentir”. However, the contest was cancelled last week, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

She revealed to the fan site that she had not been invited back by Portuguese broadcaster RTP to represent Portugal again next year. She also revealed that Marta Carvalho, the writer of “Medo de sentir”, was not invited back by RTP.

Back to Festival da Canção?

The news surrounding Elisa not returning for Eurovision 2021 began when a fan reached out to her on Instagram, asking her whether she would take part. In the reply, she confirmed:

Me and Marta won’t go to Eurovision 2021

– Elisa, speaking on Instagram DM

This news was then clarified and confirmed by fan site, ESCPORTUGAL. RTP are yet to make a statement. However, it seems as though the broadcaster will use the Festival da Canção national final format again in 2021. Since Portugal joined the contest in 1964, they have always used Festival da Canção to select their Eurovision entry.

This also means that Elisa is the third artist set to take part this year that will not return for the 2021 contest. Sweden’s The Mamas and Estonia’s Uku Suviste have also confirmed they will not return next year.

Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest

Making their Eurovision debut in 1964, Portugal have appeared in the contest 51 times, with just one win. Their first entry – “Oração” by António Calvário – finished in last place with “nil points”.

Until Salvador Sobral’s win in 2017, Portugal’s best result was in 1996, when they finished in 6th place. Lúcia Moniz represented the Iberian nation with “O meu coração não tem cor”. Despite only finishing 18th in the audio-only pre-selection, the song managed to gain 92 points in the final, just missing out on the top 5.

Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, Portugal have made the final five times. This year, Portugal were set to be represented by Elisa with “Medo de sentir” (Afraid of Feeling). However, the contest was cancelled last week, for the first time ever in Eurovision history.

Are you sad that Elisa will not return to the stage next year? Do you hope she takes part in Festival da Canção 2021?

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  1. The article says Uku will not return for Estonia, but the link says he will (participate, at least). Is there news that he has changed his mind?

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