Eurovision 2020

Eurovision 2020 CD release delayed until 15th May

"A tribute to the artists and songs"

The release of the official Eurovision 2020 compilation CD has been delayed for the second time. The CD will now be released on 15th May, as announced on the Eurovision store.

The CD was originally set to be released on 17th April, before being delayed until 8th May, following the cancellation of the contest. This second delay now means the CD will be released four weeks after originally expected.

All 41 songs on CD!

The CD will feature all 41 songs selected to take part in the 2020 contest, prior to the contest’s cancellation last month. The online Eurovision shop says that:

The official Eurovision Song Contest 2020 double CD is a tribute to all Artists and Songs. The album is featuring the songs from all 41 countries.


This will be the 21st official Eurovision compilation CD, with the first being released in 2000 to coincide with the Stockholm contest. A CD was attempted to be released for the 1999 contest, however due to copyright, some songs were missing from the track listing.

Track listing confirmed

The change of the release date also comes with a confirmed track listing for the CD. The track listing will be as follows:

Disc 1

  1. Arilena Ara “Fall From The Sky” (Albania)
  2. Athena Manoukian “Chains On You” (Armenia)
  3. Vincent Bueno “Alive” (Austria)
  4. Montaigne “Don’t Break Me” (Australia)
  5. Efendi “Cleopatra” (Azerbaijan)
  6. Hooverphonic “Release Me” (Belgium)
  7. VICTORIA “Tears Getting Sober” (Bulgaria)
  8. VAL “Da Vidna” (Belarus)
  9. Gjon’s Tears “Répondez-moi” (Switzerland)
  10. Sandro “Running” (Cyprus)
  11. Benny Cristo “Kemama” (Czech Republic)
  12. Ben Dolic “Violent Thing” (Germany)
  13. Ben & Tan “YES” (Denmark)
  14. Uku Suviste “What Love Is” (Estonia)
  15. Blas Cantó “Universo” (Spain)
  16. Aksel “Looking Back” (Finland)
  17. Tom Leeb “The Best In Me” (France)
  18. James Newman “My Last Breath” (United Kingdom)
  19. Tornike Kipiani “Take Me As I Am” (Georgia)
  20. Stefania “SUPERG!RL” (Greece)
  21. Damir Kedžo “Divlji Vjetre” (Croatia)

Disc 2

  1. Lesley Roy “Story Of My Life” (Ireland)
  2. Eden Alene “Feker Libi” (Israel)
  3. Daði Freyr “Think About Things” (Iceland)
  4. Diodato “Fai Rumore” (Italy)
  5. The Roop “On Fire” (Lithuania)
  6. Samanta Tīna “Still Breathing” (Latvia)
  7. Natalia Gordienko “Prison” (Moldova)
  8. Vasil “You” (North Macedonia)
  9. Destiny “All Of My Love” (Malta)
  10. Jeangu Macrooy “Grow” (The Netherlands)
  11. Ulrikke “Attention” (Norway)
  12. Alicja “Empires” (Poland)
  13. Elisa “Medo de Sentir” (Portugal)
  14. Roxen “Alcohol You” (Romania)
  15. Hurricane “Hasta La Vista” (Serbia)
  16. Little Big “Uno” (Russia)
  17. The Mamas “Move” (Sweden)
  18. Ana Soklić “Voda” (Slovenia)
  19. Senhit “Freaky!” (San Marino)
  20. Go_A “Solovey” (Ukraine)

Will you buying this year’s “tribute” CD to add to your collection? Which songs are you most excited to hear on CD?

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