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🇦🇲 Athena Manoukian releases new single “Dolla”

The 2020 Eurovision Song Contest season may have come to an unexpected end but that hasn’t stopped our Eurovision Class of 2020 releasing new material for their brand-new fans! Last Friday, Armenia’s Athena Manoukian released “Dolla”, the follow-up single to her Eurovision entry “Chains On You”.

Athena and DJ Paco reunite

Similarly to “Chains On You”, the lyrics for “Dolla” were written by Athena herself. Additionally, Athena produced the song alongside DJ Paco. The song is a natural successor to “Chains On You” with a mixture of urban and pop sounds. Check out a preview on YouTube or use our Apple Music and Spotify links to listen to the full track. You can find all the links you need below!


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Are you liking “Dolla”? How does it compare to “Chains On You”? Let us know in the comments below!

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