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🇷🇺 Little Big’s “UNO” becomes most liked Eurovision video in YouTube history

A big record for Little Big

Even without a contest this year, the 2020 Russian entry “UNO” by Little Big achieved something very impressive. The music video for their Eurovision entry just reached 100 million views on YouTube and is the second most viewed video on the official Eurovision channel. Now it’s also the most liked Eurovision video overall on YouTube.

Another record for Little Big’s “UNO”

Just over two months on YouTube and the music video for “UNO” by Little Big reached more than 111 million views (2nd most on the official Eurovision channel) and now has the most likes for any Eurovision video on YouTube. The music video gathered more than 2.3 million likes till now. Beating out the strong competition like Italy 2019 (1.5M likes), Italy 2017 (1.1M) both achievements on their own channel, or Israel 2018 (1.3M likes on the Eurovision channel).

To the 111 million views, the 2.3 million likes come over 230k comments for the video. It’s needless to say, that the music video reached very high even without the support of a normal contest and the annual TV viewers.

You can watch the record breaking music video for “UNO” below!

What are your thoughts on this year’s Russian entry? Do you think they could’ve managed to surprise everyone in Rotterdam? Let us know in the comments.

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