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🇷🇺 Sergey Lazarev releases new single “Ya ne mogu molchat”

"This song is for all lovers!"

With his new single, Sergey is delivering a love bop power anthem (you will know what I mean when you listen to it 😉 ). The song is called “Ya ne mogu molchat'” (eng.: I can not be silent). Music is written by Timur Yelchin and lyrics by Alexander Malinovsky & Timur Yelchin. It’s one of the songs you just wanna dance to and turn up the volume! Perfect for the next garden party!

“Let this song be the song of your summer!”

With the release of “Ya ne mogu molchat'”, Sergey is going back to his pop banger times. After the release of his music video for “Labirint” last month, this is a totally different side of him and I kinda hope for a summer/colorful music video for it with lots of dancing.

On Instagram Sergey describes the release of his new song like this:

My Summer Premiere! “Ya ne mogu molchat!” This song is for all lovers! Love is a feeling familiar to everyone! When in love, I want to shout about it all over the world !!! Let this song be the song of your summer!

And Sergey is celebrating the release of his summer anthem in the best way possible!

You can listen to Sergey’s latest single below:

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Sergey Lazarev in the Eurovision Song Contest

After participating in the Russian national final 2008 with his song “Flyer”, he made it to Eurovision in 2016 and 2019 with his songs “You Are The Only One” and “Scream”. He came 3rd both times and won the televoting in the final of Stockholm in 2016!

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