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🇮🇸 ‘Jaja ding dong bar’ opens as Húsavík seeks Icelandic vote and Eurovision museum

You can now drink a ‘Double Trouble’ cocktail at Húsavík’s very own ‘Jaja Ding Dong’ bar! The outside bar opened yesterday alongside Húsavík Cape Hótel.

Bar owner Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson (l) and business partner, restaurateur Leonardo Piccione

Is this the ultimate setting for Eurovision fans to enjoy a drink with some cake or waffles? The new bar overlooks Húsavík harbour, with many views and landmarks familiar to fans of ‘Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga’.

Húsavík has already established a reputation in Iceland as ‘the Eurovision town’, and it is Örlygur’s wish for the Icelandic votes to be announced from Húsavík in the next contest. “Of course, we hope to get Eurovision fans in large groups here to watch the competition with us at the museum and then there would be a party going at the bar, and what an atmosphere for the Icelandic 12 points to be introduced.”

The town’s mayor has also declared a wish for tourist screenings of ‘Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga’ at the town’s small cinema. Sing-along ones, we hope!

Despite some seriously dodgy Icelandic accents and a little needling banter in the movie, Icelanders have generally taken the Netflix movie to their hearts and nowhere is this more true than the northern town of Húsavík, where business opportunities and tourism growth are on the cards after the picturesque port’s starring role in the hit Netflix production.

See you at the bar! It’s happy hour until 20:00 😉

A wood-keeled schooner whale watching boat rests in Húsavík harbour.

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  1. Got one booked for February as part of our honeymoon carnt wait. Hope sing along to ding dong will be great.

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