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🇸🇪 Will SVT cancel the Melodifestivalen tour through Sweden for 2021?

As countries plan for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest season, broadcasters are debating how they will carry out their national selections in the future.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still uncertainty as to what restrictions will be in place in regards to large gatherings. Even the Grand Final of the 2020 Melodifestivalen was nearly held without an audience due to concerns.

As the preparations for Melodifestivalen 2021 is being undertaken, Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet has reported that the Melodifestivalen tour (which has been in place since 2002), may be cancelled.

Six Shows to be shown from Stockholm?

The 2021 edition of Melodifestivalen would have been the 20th consecutive year, where the tour was undertaken. According to Aftonbladet’s report, it is revealed that SVT executives fear poor publicity, and the potential spread of infections.

The article revels that a few options are being looked into, in regards to the 2021 edition of Melodifestivalen. One of the alternative plans being put forward, would be to use one venue in Stockholm and proceed with the six shows with the possibility of a small or no audience. This was done in the 2020 summer season, where Swedish shows such as “Allsång på Skansen” and “Lotta på Liseberg” were held without an audience.

To round off their reporting, Aftonbladet requested a comment from SVT. Camilla Hagert (SVT’s press manager) mentioned that it is too early to comment about the 2021 tour, and more information will be revealed at a later date.

Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden has participated in the contest 59 times since its debut in 1958. They have missed only three contests since their debut (1964, 1970 and 1976). Since 1959, the Swedish entry has been chosen through Melodifestivalen. In 1997, Sweden was one of the first five countries to adopt televoting, and have continued to innovate the technology behind the contest whenever they host.

Sweden is one of the most successful countries at contest, winning six contests so far. Notably, their wins span their participation history; their victories span five decades with ABBA (1974), Herreys (1984), Carola (1991), Charlotte Nilsson (1999), Loreen (2012) and Måns Zelmerlöw (2015). They currently have the the second-highest number of wins, behind Ireland’s seven.

In 2020, Sweden was set to be represented by The Mamas, after they won Melodifestivalen 2020 with the song ‘Move’. Unfortunately, the contest was cancelled.

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