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🇳🇴 Norway: NRK teases ‘big and hefty’ Melodi Grand Prix 2021 with six shows

Applications for the show are currently open

Back in March, NRK was one of the first broadcasters to confirm the return of their national final for 2021. In May, applications opened for the 2021 selection and teased a similar format to the 2020 show. Now, NRK have teased more details about what to expect from MGP in 2021.

In an interview with Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, MGP project manager Stig Karlsen has teased a number of details about the forthcoming edition. He also went on to explain how the broadcaster intend to address safety concerns around COVID-19 and navigating potential restrictions.

About the show, he said the following:

MGP 2021 will be big and hefty! Obviously there will be fewer spectators in the hall, but there will be a people’s festival when potentially more than a million people gather in front of the TV screen. We will offer TV magic, and take innovative measures to create close contact between the stage and the audience.

Stig Karlsen, Project Manager for MGP 2021

Six-show format returns

All the way back in 2018, the broadcaster had announced preparations for a bigger-than-ever MGP 2020. This was to mark the show’s 60th anniversary, and included upping the usual one-shot final to a multi-show format. Last year saw MGP run five regional heats and a final.

According to Stig Carlsen, the 2021 edition will once again run six shows, but did not confirm whether the format will remain the same. This year, each heat had one pre-qualifier perform and with an additional qualifier emerging from two duels.

He explained that this decision was not made in spite of the pandemic, but in response to it:

We will not do anything halfway, even though we are in the middle of a pandemic. It is more important than ever to gather Norway for common experiences and pleasant events.

Stig Karlsen, Project Manager for MGP 2021

Melodi Grand Prix 2020

The 60th anniversary of MGP was notable for many reasons, not all positive. Beyond the controversy of the pre-qualifier format, the show’s finale was struck by an app fault, which saw the televoting crash. This resulted in the four superfinalists being chosen by a 30-person demoscopic jury. As a result, Norwegian media, MGP contestants and the public called the debacle “scandalous” and prompted with a formal statement by NRK.

Ulrikke won the show with her song “Attention”, and won the right to represent Norway in Rotterdam. Norway was set to perform in the First semi-final of this year’s contest before it was cancelled. NRK later confirmed that it had offered Ulrikke a direct qualification for the 2021 final; but she declined the offer. Stig confirmed that Ulrikke will be involved in MGP, 2021 but not as a contestant.

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