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🇪🇸 Melani Garcia wants to represent Spain in Junior Eurovision 2020

Do you know that Spain is one of the most successful Junior Eurovision countries? Even though it only participated in the contest for 5 times, the lowest place it took is 4th. Spain won it 2004, came second for two times and decided to take a break for 13 years. Last year nation finally returned to the family of Junior Eurovision and that was a truly spectacular comeback.

12-year-old Melani García was singing about ocean pollution and even though this was quite a common message in last year’s contest, “Marte” was wrapped in an eye-catching performance, Melanie’s voice stunned Europe and she managed to gather 212 points which lead to Spain placing 3rd. Could she return to the contest this year?

She certainly wants to! During her last interview after releasing new single “Grita Conmigo” she mentioned that she is looking forward to Junior Eurovision 2020 but stayed mysterious and mentioned that she can not say anything about the representative of Spain. Does this mean that she knows something? When asked if she would like to come back to the contest, she said: “I would love to go back to Junior Eurovision 2020, it’s such a cool experience”.

Returning artists in Junior Eurovision

There haven’t been many returning artists in the Junior Eurovision history. It would be hard to count backing singers, but only two artists have been representing countries as lead singers: Ekaterina Ryabova (Came 2nd and 4th for Russia in 2009 and 2011) and Lerika (came 6th for Moldova in 2011 and 4th for Russia in 2012).

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  1. Bad news…When Oikotimes reviewed Junior Eurovision 2019, they said they didn\’t get any great voices. 🙁 How dare the reviewer think the kids delivered poor performances! Melani sounded amazing!

    Either way, \”Grita conmigo\” sounds enjoyable and I love to see Melani in Warsaw. While we’re on the topic Junior Eurovision, please let me know when the following countries confirm 2020 participation.

    • Albania
    • Armenia
    • Italy

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