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🇪🇸 Miki Núñez dropped his second album ‘Iceberg’!

Plans for 2021? "Trying to do everything I couldn’t do this year. And most of all, be happy."

Today, Spanish representative Miki Núñez released his brand new album ‘Iceberg’. This album follows his successful debut album ‘Amuza‘ which was released last year and reached No. 1 in the official Spanish Album Charts. The debut album was already amazing, but ‘Iceberg’ can even top this. Miki delivers a variety of styles. Uptempo songs, songs you have to dance to, wonderful ballads, Spanish and Catalan lyrics. If you liked his music before, you will love this album.

A pop-rock album, full of optimistic and energetic songs

It is been a little more than a year since Miki released his debut album Amuza. Just last month he announced the release of his second album ‘Iceberg’, which was released today. Me Vale was the lead single for this album during this summer, followed by Viento Y Vida last month together with Despistaos.

‘Iceberg’ is just like his debut, a very strong album. His new album sounds uplifting with a pop-rock influence, but also ballads and more emotional moments. Even though you might not speak Spanish this album feels very personal. One of the reasons is probably, that Miki wrote on every song of ‘Iceberg’.

The album features a total of 11 songs. Most of the songs are in Spanish. The song Arbre feat. Lildami is part Spanish and Catalan. Cada Pas Del Camí and the closing song No M’ho Esperava are completely in Catalan.

The closing song No M’ho Esperava (eng.: I did not expect it) was inspired by OT, Eurovision, and his fans:

“It’s a song dedicated to myself. Of those songs that come out when you’re really really bad, but you have a glimmer of hope, a little bit of light. It talks about absolutely everything I lived during the time after OT and Eurovision: all the news, inputs from abroad, all the people who thought about me, but also all the people who listened to my music … That’s why it’s a negative song and positive at the same time: I didn’t expect people to listen to my music so much and come to my concerts. But I also didn’t expect to suffer because I couldn’t please everyone. As it’s very intimate, I came out to write it in Catalan. “


Miki right before the release of ‘Iceberg’:

You can listen to his new album ‘Iceberg’ below:

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You can watch the music video for Mikis latest single ‘Viento Y Vida’ here:

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