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🇨🇾 El Diablo will arrive in March

Cyprus will once again bring the BMPs!

The star behind the song “El Diablo” and the representative for Cyprus for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, Elena Tsagkrinou has divulged more information on when we will all hear the entry. Furthermore she revealed what type of song it will be.

An island spoke

As you are probably already aware, the broadcaster responsible for the Cypriot partcipation at Eurovision, CyBC revealed on Tuesday that Elena Tsagkrinou will represent them with the song “El Diablo”. But as of yet we haven’t heard from the entrant herself. Until now!

Yesterday (26th November), Tsagkrinou appeared on the ALPHA show “Happy Day” to talk exclusively about the Cypriot entry. She gave information as to what style of song it will be.

The song is super pop! Super dancing and uplifting and will give me the opportunity to move accordingly!

Cyprus are no strangers to uptempo pop in Eurovision. The island has sent “La La Love”, “Fuego”, “Replay” and “Running” this past decade.

But when will we hear it?!

In March you will hear El Diablo!

Some background information about “El Diablo”

The entry is written by Jimmy Joker, who has written songs for Pitbull, JLO, Nicki Minaj and countless other international stars. He is credited alongside Laurel Barker, who wrote three of the entries of Eurovision 2019 (Switzerland, the UK and Germany), and countless national final songs. They are joined on the songwriting team by Thomas Stengård and Oxa.

From the press release, it sounds like the song is about ‘falling in love with a bad boy’ further corroborating Elena’s statement.

Back in the summer, it was confirmed by Head of Delegation Evi Papamichael that the man who was meant to be in control of staging and presentation in 2020, Marvin Dietmann, will also be overseeing the 2021 staging. He was of course the stage director of Conchita Wurst’s winning performance for Austria in 2014 with the song “Rise Like A Phoenix”.

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