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🇪🇪 ERR reveals that Eesti Laul music videos can be used in case of isolation

Organizing a national final during the COVID-19 pandemic requires some extra rules and regulations for broadcasters, and ERR is no exception. The Estonian broadcaster has revealed more details about their preselection, of which the first semi-final will take place on the 18th of February.

Coronavirus measures

ERR has several measures in place to ensure that Eesti Laul will take place in a safe environment. Firstly, there will be no live audience at the semi final shows. This leaves only the selected jury as the ones who will see the performances live on stage. Both the juries and the contestants will remain socially distanced, with the contestants remaining in the green room, except for when they have to perform.

It is of course possible that one of the participants is ill, or has to isolate at home due to the virus. This is why ERR has stated that this person is still able to compete in the competition, and instead of a live performance, the broadcaster will play their music video. In this way, no acts have to be eliminated through a process which is out of their control.

Eesti Laul 2021

Estonia’s national final is divided into two semi-finals and one big finale. The first semi final will take place on the 18th of February, the second one on the 20th of February, and the Grand Finale will air on the 6th of March. Six songs qualify from each semi-final, creating a finale with 12 people in total.

Several familiar names are competing to represent Estonia at Eurovision 2021, including 2020’s Uku Suviste, 2016’s Jüri Pootsmann, and 2014’s Tanja. The hosts will be Tõnis Niinemets and Grete Kuld.

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