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πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia to have a national selection show on March 8

We’ve been waiting for any official news from Russia for so long and finally we get it! The Russian broadcaster Channel One just recently announced a national selection show on March 8!

Russia is famous to be one of ESC participants who usually take their time to pick the artist and the entry. This year the country is going to surprise us with a national selection show as it was announced tonight by Channel One. Last time Russia actually held a public national final was in 2012. Afterwards the country switched to the internal selection process only.

The promo clip is almost 40 seconds long and features Dmitry Krasilov, the dancer we all can recognise thanks to Little Big’s “Uno” music video. The ad claims: “We, the whole country, are going to choose who (!) will represent Russia at the Eurovision”. The show will take place on March 8 at 20:00 (CET +2)

Earlier it was also revealed that Yana Churikova will host the show. Moreover, Yulia Savicheva (Russia 2004 representative) has stated on her instagram that she has been invited to attend the show as well.

We can’t know for sure if the artist selection takes place for real or the broadcaster is just keeping everyone curious about the show but stay tuned to find it out in a week!

If you are curious how it looked like on TV, check the video below:

Anything behind?

As we know, Channel One picked Little Big band to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, however, everything was cancelled due to the pandemic. Since that time there’s still no information whether the band is confirmed again for 2021 or is already replaced with another artist.

Before any official announcement there were numerous rumours that Little Big is finally confirmed. The artists themselves already denied this during a radio interview claiming that they need to write their new Eurovision entry first and submit it.

Last week a Russian website “360” published an article where they claim they had a talk to a certain source related to the Russian ESC delegation. According to them, there will be no national final but the artist announcement (likely Little Big) and the song selection show broadcasted live on March 8.

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