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πŸ‡©πŸ‡° The Cosmic Twins: “Our performance is something that no other artist will be able to do.” [INTERVIEW]

With Dansk Melodi Grand Prix airing this Saturday, ESCXTRA had the opportunity to have a chat with The Cosmic Twins who are singing “Silver Bullet”. In the interview, Chris and Alec discuss all things music, DMGP, and of course, Eurovision.

“There are more advantages than downsides to being a twin”

The Cosmic Twins are not the first pair of twins we have seen in national finals or Eurovision. Think about Jedward (Ireland 2011/2012) and the Tolmachevy Sisters (Russia 2014) for example. According to The Cosmic Twins, working with your sibling is a blessing. They say that they often think alike and share the same ideas about music, making their collaboration work so well. Of course, they have some different opinions as well: Alec prefers rock, and Chris prefers pop.

They discovered their love for music at a very young age, playing Guitar Hero. After becoming advanced at the game, they decided to pick up a real guitar as well, and start singing with it! For them, making music thus has a bit of nostalgia attached to it, which is also something they want to share with the world.

“We’ve always watched Eurovision as kids, and looked up to it.”

The Cosmic Twins shared that they have always loved Eurovision, but never expected to actually be a part of it. They simply didn’t think of it, it almost seemed too big! Their participation in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was a surprise to them: they sent some demos to a producer, who asked them if they wanted to be in DMGP. He actually asked them: “Are you ready to win?”

Their song “Silver Bullet” tells the story of opening up your heart to your partner, and then that partner, in Chris’ words “rips your heart out, throws it on the floor, and maybe spits on it a bit.” While the song is mostly upbeat, it still tells a sad story, and they think that is an interesting part of it. Furthermore, the song was written by Lise Cabble, who has written more DMGP songs, including “Only Teardrops” and “Love Is Forever”. When asked what it was like to work with her, the twins shared that she gave a lot of good energy to the song, and they were honoured to work with her.

The Cosmic Twins shared much more in our interview! For example, what their all-time favourite Eurovision entry is, and a teaser about what their stage is going to look like. If you’re curious, check out the full interview below:

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