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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 15 songs were in contention to be James Newman’s 2021 entry

He ultimately chose "Embers" because he connected with it most

Back in March, James Newman’s 2021 entry “Embers” was revealed via BBC Radio 2. The radio station went on to add the song to their A list two weeks later. In a recent interview, James revealed that a total of 15 songs were in contention to be his Eurovision 2021 entry.

In an interview with Eurovision Planet, James Newman revealed that 15 songs were in the running to be his entry this year. When asked how he ultimately ended up choosing “Embers”, he explained:

I selected Embers because it is the song with which I connected the most and with which I would feel the best on stage.

James Newman on “Embers”

Although his participation wasn’t confirmed publicly until February 2021, he had been reselected as soon as the summer of 2020. In the aforementioned interview, James revealed that he had called the BBC to tell them that he wanted to compete in 2021 following the contest’s cancellation last year.

About “Embers”

James Newman is representing the United Kingdom with “Embers”, a song written by Newman himself, as well as Conor Blake, Danny Shah, Tom Hollings and Samuel Brennan. Grammy nominated songwriter Conor Blake had major international hits with Italian trio Meduza. Danny Shah has worked with David Guetta, Kylie Minogue and had four UK number-one hits as a songwriter. Samuel Brennan wrote songs to former Spice Girl Melanie C and French DJ Hugel among others.

The BBC, the UK’s broadcaster, left fans waiting for a long time for news about their representative. James Newman had already expressed interest in returning to the contest, but his return was only confirmed by the BBC in mid-February. Newman’s 2020 entry “My Last Breath” was not allowed to compete again, following the rules of the EBU, thus creating the new 2021 entry “Embers”.

On March 11, BBC Radio 2 were the first to play James Newman’s Eurovision entry “Embers”. Clearly, the song was a success, because when Radio 2 released their New Music Playlist on March 19, “Embers” was on the A List!

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