Rotterdam 2021

The 21 names already confirmed as spokespeople for this year’s Grand Final

Some familiar faces will appear during the voting next week

With the grand final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest just one week away, we’ve comprised a list of the spokespeople that have been announced so far. As always, every country will have a spokesperson to present their 12 points from their national juries – who, for the first time since 2013, won’t be announced until the night of the grand final.

Over the past month, broadcasters have been announcing who will reveal their jury’s “douze points”. Some countries have opted for many familiar faces – some of which have even competed in the contest before including Carola and reigning champion Duncan Laurence.

“Douze points” from…

Below, you can see all 21 spokespeople that have been announced so far:

We’ll keep you posted over the coming week about any more spokespeople who are announced to present the points for their country.

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